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Creative Europe MEDIA — Supporting high-quality audiovisual content

The creation and production of high-quality content is the foundation of the European audiovisual industry.

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European content reflects our values, including our diversity. And, European creativity leads to works which are recognised and rewarded on the global stage.

The support of the MEDIA programme focuses on actions with a strong European added value, encouraging cross-border cooperation among producers and content developers and stimulating innovation in terms of content. It does so through high quality storytelling, business models, use of technology by content companies and more.

The supporting actions in 2021 under the content cluster are:

  • EuropeanCo-development: to enable scaling up of projects and allow producers from different countries to start working together at development phase, with an expected increase of the quality and market potential of the final works. Cooperation amongst producers from different territory sizes and linguistic areas will be encouraged, to contribute to a more level playing field, foster talent, wherever it comes from, thereby preserving and stimulating cultural diversity.
  • European slate development: to incentivise production companies to build a portfolio of 3 to 5 works, thereby increasing creative options and favouring quality. This should also allow production companies to reduce risks and increase their capacity to attract and retain talents, ultimately promoting long-term growth strategies. Beneficiaries will also be encouraged to support emerging talents by producing a short film.
  • European mini-slate development: to respond to the specific need of producers from lower capacity countries to ensure increased investment in quality works. By encouraging a limited portfolio approach (2 to 3 works) this support takes into account the size and specificities of their markets by offering a pathway to scale up, develop business strategies, invest in creativity and increase production capacity.  
  • TV and online content: to provide opportunities to independent producers to take the initiative and pursue their own original productions. Such opportunities are key to creative freedom and financial independence and MEDIA will reinforce the capacity of European independent producers to retain the IP rights and exploit them globally, thus reinforcing European brands. European cooperation will be encouraged.


Preparatory Action "Writing European"

The Commission is launching a 3M € call for proposals to strengthen the capacity of the European audiovisual industry to create cutting edge fiction series that can attract audiences across borders, and to nurture a community of European talents able to work across national and linguistic borders. It should enable European companies to scale up their collaboration and to offer talents continuous opportunities in Europe throughout their career. While the audiovisual industry has been severely hit by the COVID-19 outbreak, this new action should support talents as well as European companies, and

Media representation and inclusion for refugees and migrants

Media (re)presentation and visibility of vulnerable groups like migrants and refugees remains very marginal in the mainstream media across Europe. This call aims to improve the visibility of these vulnerable groups in the media by supporting them to use their skills and knowledge to contribute themselves to shape their portrayal in the media. It aims to give a voice to these groups and support them in their media coverage, helping to offer new positive narratives on migration.

Preparatory Action "Cinemas as Innovation Hubs for Local Communities"

The Commission is launching a 1,5M € call for proposals to create innovative cultural hubs around cinema theatres, notably in areas where there is limited cinema and cultural infrastructure and where the the Covid 19 crisis has had a very strong impact. The Covid 19 pandemic has deeply affected the cinemas and has changed the cinema going experience in a dramatic way.

Pilot Project "Platform(s) for cultural content innovation" - Call for proposals

In order to incentivise European content industries to nurture and embrace innovation and take up new technologies and to help them to sustain their position as pioneers in the digital era, the Commission will implement the pilot project "Platform(s) for cultural content innovation".

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