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EU register of data intermediation services

The DGA creates a framework to foster a new business model – data intermediation services – that will provide a trusted and secure environment in which companies or individuals can share data.


This EU register of data intermediation services has been established in the framework of the Data Governance Act (DGA), a key pillar of the European strategy for data which sets a governance framework to promote trust in data sharing between individuals and businesses. 

Data intermediaries will function as neutral third parties that connect individuals and companies with data users. While they may charge for facilitating the data sharing between the parties, they cannot directly use the data that they intermediate for financial profit (e.g. by selling it to another company or using it to develop their own product based on this data). Data intermediaries will have to comply with strict requirements to ensure this neutrality and avoid conflicts of interest. 

In practice, this means that there will be a structural separation between the data intermediation service and any other services provided (i.e. they must be legally separated). Also, the commercial terms (including pricing) for the provision of intermediation services should not be dependent on whether a potential data holder or data user is using other services. Any data and metadata acquired can be used only to improve the data intermediation service. 

This page maintains a public register of all data intermediation services providers offering their services in the European Union.

Member States will notify the Commission as and when data intermediation organisations are registered. The Member States should use this form.

Data intermediation services notified by Member States

The data intermediation services will be available in the list below indicating the countries where these are registered:

The map shows in which countries the data intermediation organisations provide their services:


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