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Event | Väljaanne

Final online information and matchmaking day for Digital Europe Programme (DIGITAL) calls on sectorial TEFs

The Commission is holding an information day after the launch of the calls for proposals for AI sectorial Testing and Experimentation Facilities.

Manufacturing, Healthcare, Agri-Food, Smart cities & communities

Under the Digital Europe Programme (DIGITAL), the European Commission expects to open calls for proposals to fund AI Testing and Experimentation Facilities (TEFs) in the second half of February 2022. These TEFs will be in the sectors of agri-food (€30 million), healthcare (€30 million), manufacturing (€30 million) as well as smart cities and communities (€20). These calls will be co-funded equally at EU and Member States level.

The European Commission foresees one large-scale project of a size of €40 - €60 million overall budget per sector (50% funded by DIGITAL), each of them requiring a consortium of several testing facilities across Europe. To support the community in writing the proposals, the European Commission will organise an online information day on 28 February.

This infoday follows the first one on 29 November 2021, where the Commission sought to support the community in building consortia. It marked the starting point for matchmaking that continued on the brokerage days on 2 and 3 December 2021 and on the matchmaking platform which will be available until early April.

The goal of the infoday is to raise awareness of the upcoming sectorial TEFs DIGITAL calls and to clarify questions on the call process and TEF concept, and to support consortia to find the best partners to reach their objectives.

Participation is free of charge but registration is mandatory. Registration is open now.

Draft Agenda

09:15 — 09:30 Dial-in (if necessary)
09:30 — 12:30 Presentation on TEFs & writing proposal
12:30 — 14:00 Lunch break
14:00 — 16:20 Presentation, Q&A and stakeholder pitches: Agri-food
14:00 — 16:20 Presentation, Q&A and stakeholder pitches: Healthcare
14:00 — 16:20 Presentation, Q&A and stakeholder pitches: Manufacturing
14:00 — 16:20 Presentation, Q&A and stakeholder pitches: Smart cities & communities

Further information

Member States’ initial expression of interest in sectorial AI Testing and Experimentation co-funding (.pdf)

Testing and Experimentation Facilities 

Digital Europe Programme

Matchmaking Platform for Horizon Europe and sectorial AI TEFs under DIGITAL

Event report for first sectorial AI TEF infoday with recordings, presentations and posters

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