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Call for tenders | Julkaisu

Commission launches call to maintain and develop the European Digital Media Observatory

The European Commission has published a call for tenders to maintain and further develop the work of the European Digital Media Observatory (EDMO). EDMO serves as a collaborative platform for fact-checkers, academics and researchers, actively links them with media organisations and media literacy experts, and provides support to policy makers. The call for tenders opened on 24 August and will run until 19 September 2022 16h00 CET.

Economic operators interested in this call are invited to submit a tender via the electronic submission system (e-Submission) available from the TED e-Tendering website.

This call for tenders of up to €4 million is a step to reinforce the efforts of the network of the European fact-checkers and academic researchers to fight disinformation online. The EDMO platform provides media practitioners, media literacy experts, teachers and citizens with resources aimed at increasing awareness, building resilience to online disinformation and supporting media literacy campaigns.

EDMO is also engaged in the development of a framework to ensure secure access to platforms’ data for academic researchers working to better understand disinformation.

EDMO is equipped with national and regional hubs that leverage their knowledge of local information environments to detect, analyse and expose disinformation campaigns in Europe.

EDMO was one of the elements in the Commission’s detailed action plan on fighting disinformation, published on 5 December 2018.

More details on the call