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Mapping of national rules applicable to video-sharing platforms: illegal and harmful content online

Mapping of national rules applicable to video-sharing platforms: illegal and harmful content online, a report prepared by the European Audiovisual Observatory for the European Commission co-financed under the Creative Europe Programme, looks at the different current approaches of the EU27 countries plus the UK and Norway regarding the rules applicable to video-sharing platforms (VSPs) to address illegal and harmful content online.

Local Digital Twins: Forging the Cities of Tomorrow

Part of the European Week of the Regions, this workshop aimed to explore: What are Local Digital Twins? How can both small and medium sized and larger cities benefit from them? What steps are needed for the planning, design, and implementation of Digital Twins in cities? How can Capacity Building empower cities in this endeavor? What are the main challenges and potential are for the implementation of Digital Twins?

Report: The European Cyber Security Challenge Final 2021

The Final of the 7th edition of the European Cyber Security Challenge was held in the beginning of October 2021 in Prague. Despite the pandemic, 19 teams participated in the final and close to 300 people in total attended this event at Prague. For the first time, a non-European team participated in the challenge. Team Canada participated in the competition without being part of the scoreboard.

HofladenBOX: Bavaria’s award-winning digital platform boosts rural business with EU funds

2021 Rural Inspiration Awards Winner, HofladenBOX digital platform’s online marketplace connects small local producers with customers to boost rural business in Fürth district, Bavaria. “We wanted to change the way we purchase our food” explains Mareike Schalk, who founded HofladenBOX with Birgit Wegner using EU LEADER funds. Creating a local market reduces costs and emissions, and supports the development of this rural area with jobs and improved services. Connectivity is essential for HofladenBOX: “To keep rural areas attractive, it is important to have the same connectivity as in cities.”

Innovation Day 2021 - European Electronic Health Record Exchange Format community event

The Innovation Day 2021 marked the end of the first year of the X-eHealth project. The project's objective is to develop the European Electronic Health Record Exchange Format (EEHRxF) specifications for the exchange of medical image, laboratory results, discharge letters and rare diseases, whilst promoting sustainable practices for the sustainable uptake of cross-border digital health services.