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Joint Declaration by EU and Moldovan mobile operators to reduce roaming charges

Operators from the European Union and the Republic of Moldova have signed a declaration to lower roaming charges for citizens travelling between the 2 areas.

The European Commission and Moldovan authorities facilitated a voluntary declaration between mobile operators that will ensure lower roaming tariffs between the EU/EEA and the Republic of Moldova in the short term.

Thanks to the declaration, from the 1 January 2024, citizens travelling between the EU/EEA and the Republic of Moldova will be able to benefit from reduced roaming rates on voice-call roaming tariffs and data roaming tariffs.

They commit to, among other things:

  • putting in place affordable retail roaming offers by 1 January 2024 for end-users travelling between the EU/EEA and the Republic of Moldova;
  • agreeing unanimously on an upper retail price cap, to be announced by 1 October 2023 at the latest;
  • assessing whether a wholesale roaming cap is needed to enable the provision of roaming services at or below the agreed price cap, by 15 November at the latest.

The declaration is voluntary and remains open for EU/EEA and Moldovan operators who wish to sign at any time.

Download the declaration and annex (updated on 22 September 2023)