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Shaping Europe’s digital future

Vedení digitální dekády 1.–2. června 2021

Leading the Digital Decade, held 1-2 June, was a two-day online event focused on Europe’s digital transformation towards 2030.

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What should the future of digital in Europe be? What should our 2030 goals be when it comes to digital transformation? How can we make sure we meet our objectives?

These are the main questions that Leading the Digital Decade aimed to answer.

The past 18 months have radically transformed Europe and the world. Because of the ongoing pandemic, the world has digitalised faster than ever before. Digital is what has kept our society going. It has also widened the gap between those who have the means to shift to digital and enjoy its benefits and those who do not. 

At this crossroads, Europe must define its path going forward. 

Leading the Digital Decade focused on defining this path. This two-day event was co-organised by the European Commission and the Portuguese Presidency of the Council of the European Union and was held virtually on 1 and 2 June 2021.

Day 1

The starting point of the first day’s debate was the Communication 2030 Digital Compass: the European way for the Digital Decade. Its vision is clear: everyone in Europe can and should benefit from digital.

To make this a reality, we need to improve on digital skills, infrastructure and use of technology by people, companies and public administrations. 

Day 2

The second day was dedicated to the Digital Europe Programme, the first financial instrument of the EU to specifically finance European projects on digital. The Digital Europe Programme will accelerate the economic recovery and shape the digital transformation of Europe benefiting citizens and businesses. 

The Digital Europe Programme will provide funding for projects in five areas: 

  1. supercomputing
  2. artificial intelligence
  3. cybersecurity
  4. advanced digital skills
  5. use of digital technologies across the economy and society

On the second day, two sessions ran in parallel:

  • Stream 1: high performance computing, cybersecurity, quantum, digital innovation hubs, smart and green communities, and digital government.
  • Stream 2: data, artificial intelligence, cloud, digital health, digital sovereignty and how to write proposals for the Digital Europe Programme.

Join the conversation with #DigitalEU2030

You can join the Digital Compass Community on Futurium to share materials and follow up with other participants during and after the event.

Europe’s Digital Decade is your Digital Decade. Let’s build it together.

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