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Women TechEU

Women TechEU is a brand new initiative of the European Union. The scheme offers first-class coaching and mentoring to female founders, as well as targeted funding to help take their business to the next level!

The call for proposals is open.

The deadline for submissions is 17:00 (CET) on 10 November 2021.

Open market consultation for PCP on accelerator-based light sources

Nine leading particle accelerator facilities around Europe (FR, ES, DE, UK, CH and SE) invite potentially interested bidders to participate in the open market consultation of their upcoming pre-commercial procurement. Aim is to develop and test new solutions that can improve the quality of X-ray mirrors for European researchers. The challenge is to manufacture 500 mm long flat silicon X-ray prototype mirrors with < 50 nanoradian rms slope and < 1 nm p.v. figure errors. Deadline to subscribe to the 19 November online open market consultation event is 16 November 2021.

Open market consultation: PCP on AI tool for near-zero energy buildings

The Andalusian housing and rehabilitation agency (AVRA) invites interested market parties to provide feedback on the upcoming Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) of an Artificial Intelligent tool for Near Zero Energy Industrialized Social Housing Building. Deadline for providing comments via e-mail is: 31 October 2021. AVRA needs a new advanced software tool, based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), to support the design, implementation and maintenance of modular buildings, and the industrialized construction of social housing with almost zero energy consumption.

Media Ownership Monitoring System

This Call for Proposals aims at selecting an entity to carry out the Pilot Project for a Media Ownership Monitoring System.

Call for Proposals - Covering EU affairs through a radio network

The aim of this Call for Proposals is to support a network of radio stations, producing and disseminating editorially-independent information about EU affairs. The selected project will increase reporting and debate around European topics, on air and in digital formats, from pan-European viewpoints and/or by comparing different viewpoints from within Europe.

Horizon Europe call for proposals - Innovation for media

The European Commission has launched a call for proposals for innovation actions in the media sector, to stimulate interdisciplinary cooperation and build prototypes of advanced solutions for the creation, distribution and consumption of new immersive and innovative products for media.

Journalism Partnerships

The call for proposals for Journalism Partnerships aims to help the wider European news media sector become more sustainable and resilient, thus contributing to trustworthy reporting on current affairs, to an informed and inclusive democratic debate, to skills development and employment for news media professionals and journalists.

Study on the impact of recent developments in adtech and their impact on privacy, the publishers and advertisers

The aim of this study is to provide the Commission with evidence and analysis on the online advertising industry that could inform future policy options for safeguarding individual privacy and supporting the evolution of a more balanced online advertising ecosystem. This will be in the interests of individual consumers of online services and content, and of online businesses and particularly publishers (study reference: CNECT/2021/OP/0030).