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Open Market Consultation - Rapid Detection and control system for Antimicrobial Resistance

The RADAR buyers group of health providers from France, Italy and Spain invites potentially interested suppliers to participate in the upcoming open market consultation for their upcoming procurement. They group aims to buy collaboratively innovative solutions to address the urgent need for rapid detection and effective infection control systems for antimicrobial resistance.

Boosting Germany's cybersecurity capabilities to the next level

The German Agency for Innovation in Cybersecurity (Cyberagentur) is inviting interested suppliers to submit offers to its new pre-commercial procurement. Objective is to push innovations in the field of operational cyber security in order to prepare the authorities in the field of internal and external security in Germany for future threats in the digital space. Deadline for submission of offers: 23 August 2022

IoT and the Future of Edge Computing in Europe

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of connected digital devices, sometimes known as “smart” devices, with its related research encompassing domains like AI, 5G, cloud computing, blockchain, and micro- or nano-systems. What has recently changed is the augmented capabilities of devices, faster communication networks, the standardisation of communication protocols and more affordable sensors and microelectronic devices, which is turbocharging the IoT phenomena.

Poland sets targets for procurement of R&D and innovative solutions

Poland's "State purchasing policy 2022-2025" advises all Polish public buyers to allocate 3% of their budget to the procurement of R&D and 20% to public procurement of innovative solutions. This is part of a broader set of measures to stimulate the use of public procurement as an instrument to increase innovation in the economy.

Lithuania sets 20% target for innovation procurement

Lithuania's "2021 - 2030 National Progress Plan" has set the target that 20% of the value of all public procurement in the country needs to go to innovation procurement by the year 2030. The country plans to achieve this by steadily increasing the share of procurement that is spent on public procurement of innovative solutions and on pre-commercial procurement.

Call for tenders - PCP to enable smooth, safe traffic on narrow, windy, icy roads

Troms and Finnmark County is inviting interested suppliers to submit offers to their pre-commercial procurement. Aim is to develop innovative, intelligent solutions that can ensure more efficient and safer traffic flow on narrow, windy and icy Norwegian roads with often limited visibility for drivers. Deadline for submission of offers: 9 September 2022

Call for tenders - Quick response for patients with advanced heart failure

The TIQUE Buyers Group of healthcare providers (ES, IT, SE) invites potentially interested bidders to submit offers to their pre-commercial procurement. Aim is to develop and test innovative solutions that transform the care pathway of patients with advanced heart failure and optimise coordination between care teams through technology-driven integrated care solutions.