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eArchiving - Synergies within Digital Europe

We are building on the synergies of relevant projects within the Digital Europe programme.


This includes the former Building Blocks:

and Data Spaces:

We also maintain established collaborations with other parties interested in the long-term preservation of digital data, and we work to set up new ones. For example:

  • We work together with various standardisation and regulatory bodies such as the European Committee for Standardization CEN Technical Committee (TC)  468 “Preservation of digital information" where the eArchiving Reference Architecture is being using as a basis to identify electronic archiving requirements.
  • We are helping solution providers to understand the different methods for the e-signing and validation of eSignatures used in long-term preservation/eArchiving (submission and dissemination) together with the long-term preservation of digitally signed documents, using eSignature protocols. This ties in with the CEN/TC 468 collaboration where there is a strong focus on the eIDAS 2 regulations.
  • Based on successful implementations that combine eDelivery and eArchiving specifications, we promote use cases, share and encourage the use of interfaces and common components, document pitfalls and caveats, and provide training and support desk effort to foster the onboarding of new institutions to the same or similar approaches.
  • We are working on new methods and specifications for preserving 3D models, starting with Engineering models (Building Information Modelling (BIM) and CAD) and we have a dedicated workgroup for this.
  • We have developed eHealth specifications, one for cancer registries and one for patient record, and we are available to collaborate with institutions to deploy these.

We are strengthening existing and developing new liaisons with other relevant Digital Europe Programmes. As new Data Spaces are formed, we liaise with them to develop synergies and practical collaboration where appropriate.

If you have any questions or comments about this page, or eArchiving in general, please visit the eArchiving Initiative support desk.


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