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eArchiving - Technical Specifications

In order to create and adapt your archive, or develop your own application, you can refer to our technical specifications to ensure it conforms with the eArchiving standards.

Technical Specifications

eArchiving technical specifications describe in detail the interoperable and open formats for packaging data and metadata for transfer to archival repositories (E-ARK SIP), for the preservation over extended periods (E-ARK AIP) and the reuse of archived content (E-ARK DIP). The most common principles and requirements are presented separately within the E-ARK Common Specification for Information Packages. Further details about eArchiving specifications are available at DILCIS BOARD.


Latest Version  Archived Versions
E-ARK Common Specification for Information Packages (CS for IP) [see here]
E-ARK Submission Information Package (SIP)  [see here]
E-ARK Archival Information Package (AIP)  [see here]
E-ARK Dissemination Information Package (DIP)  [see here]
SIARD 2.1 (Owned by the Swiss Federal Archives     n/a


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