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eArchiving - knowledge centre

The eArchiving Knowledge Centre aims to provide easy access to information on eArchiving tools.


About the service

The eArchiving Knowledge Centre, is hosted by the DLM Forum, aims to provide a comprehensive set of tools that allow users to understand, contribute to and validate Information Governance practices. 

The Knowledge Centre offers different types of services: 


Resources Centre, where you can learn more about the vocabularies and requirements related to the Information Governance terms, conditions and practices


Assessment Services, which allow you to assess your existing Information Governance practices


E-ARK Products, where you can find the services and applications originated from the previous E-ARK projects.

Please consult the Knowledge Centre website for further information.

Take a look and get the materials of the eArchiving training sessions on the eArchiving Webinars website and the recordings of the past eArchiving events to know more about the eArchiving progress.

The eArchiving Initiative Glossary

The eArchiving Glossary provides and overview of the main and most common terms related to eArchiving Initiative, its specifications, services and tools.

If you have any questions or comments about this page, or eArchiving in general, please visit the eArchiving Initiative support desk 

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Big Picture

eArchiving Initiative

The eArchiving Initiative provides core specifications, software, training and knowledge to help people store information for longer.

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eArchiving Glossary

The eArchiving Glossary gives an overview about the main terms used in the context of the eArchiving initiative including the specifications and tools.

eArchiving - get involved

The eArchiving initiative counts on organisations and institutions to share knowledge and build the eArchiving community.

eArchiving - Conformance Seal

The eArchiving Conformance Seal is a sign of quality of digital archiving, long term preservation, and data management following standards and best practices.

eArchiving - Technical Specifications

In order to create and adapt your archive, or develop your own application, you can refer to our technical specifications to ensure it conforms with the eArchiving standards.