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eArchiving - get involved

The eArchiving initiative counts on organisations and institutions to share knowledge and build the eArchiving community.


The eArchiving Stakeholders

The eArchiving Initiative is built upon shared knowledge and experiences, which are the basis for creating the eArchiving community and increasing capacity building within the various constituent organisations:

Data producersThose entities that are, or expect to be in the future, directly or indirectly responsible for depositing content in a digital archive for long-term digital preservation, which guarantees that information remains available, have not changed over time and retains the legal value.Guidance

ArchivesThose entities that are, or expect to be, directly or indirectly responsible for the governance of a digital archive, which provides long-term digital preservation.Guidance

Solution providersThose entities that are, or expect to be in the future, providers of technology or services for digital archives or for data creators.Guidance

Regulatory agencies and policymakersRegulatory agencies and policymakers. Those entities (public authorities or government agencies) that are, or expect to be in the future, responsible for preparing, issuing and/or supervising the execution of regulations and policies related to the long-term preservation of digital information. 
AcademicsThose entities that are, or expect to be in the future, educators/researchers who wish to incorporate some or all of the eArchiving curriculum into their existing or future courses. This stakeholder group all include students studying on such courses. 
Data ConsumersOrganisations or individuals that want and/or need to reuse the information kept within an archive. Consumers are a broad stakeholder group with further subgroups. 

The diverse and emerging needs of the community are met via face to face, hybrid and online events together with targeted training.

You can form part of this increasing and lively community! Please tell us about your needs, your challenges, your projects through the Support Desk or participate in our events and training sessions. We can help you in any step of your journey and put you in contact with other European experts working in same field.

Find more information about the eArchiving events in the Latest News section.


    The eArchiving synergies within Digital Europe

    We are maintaining established collaborations with other interested parties in the long-term preservation of digital data and setting up new ones, you can find information about the different programmes. We are strengthening existing and developing new liaisons with other relevant Digital Europe Programmes, take a look at the different synergies here.  


    The eArchiving communication channels

    Join us in our communication accounts and follow the latest progress and learn more about the eArchiving activities and events through our social media: 

    On the eArchiving Twitter account you can follow the latest news and progress about the initiative
    On the eArchiving Linkedin account, you can follow the latest progress and learn more about the initiative activities. You can join the eArchiving LinkedIn group to participate in discussions and contribute to eArchiving progress.

    On the eArchiving YouTube channel you will find the recording of the events and the training webinars.

    On GitHub you can follow latest updates and developments regarding E-ARK Specifications and E-ARK Software, Services, and Tools.


    Latest News

    Successful eArchiving Summit held in Salamanca

    The eArchiving Initiative organised a hybrid event covering experiences, work in progress and future plans.

    EVENT |
    The long-term accessibility of Cancer Registry data

    The seventh training webinar of the eArchiving Initiative series will explore the use of Content Information Type Specification (CITS) eHealth2 guidelines, to support the long-term accessibility of Cancer Registry data.

    EVENT |
    Using open-source tools for eArchiving

    The fifth training webinar of the eArchiving Initiative series will examine the potential of open-source tools in digital preservation.

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    eArchiving Glossary

    The eArchiving Glossary gives an overview about the main terms used in the context of the eArchiving initiative including the specifications and tools.

    eArchiving - Conformance Seal

    The eArchiving Conformance Seal is a sign of quality of digital archiving, long term preservation, and data management following standards and best practices.

    eArchiving - Technical Specifications

    In order to create and adapt your archive, or develop your own application, you can refer to our technical specifications to ensure it conforms with the eArchiving standards.