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EU Cyber Solidarity Act Factsheet

Download the factsheet to find out more about the EU Cyber Solidarity Act.

A digitally rendered cloud is central in the image, surrounded by intricate networks of lines and dots representing connections or data flows. Inside the cloud, there’s a white lock icon, symbolizing cybersecurity. The prominent text “EU CYBER SOLIDARITY ACT” is displayed in bold white letters at the center-bottom part of the image. In the bottom left corner are two hashtags: “#CyberSecEU #DigitalEU.”


The EU Cyber Solidarity Act aims to strengthen capacities in the EU to detect, prepare for and respond to significant and large-scale cybersecurity threats and attacks. The Act includes a European Cybersecurity Alert System, made of Security Operation Centres interconnected across the EU, and a comprehensive Cybersecurity Emergency Mechanism to improve the EU’s cyber resilience.

For an overview of the EU Cyber Solidarity Act, download the factsheet in English, French or German.


EU Cyber Solidarity Act factsheet - EN
EU Cyber Solidarity Act factsheet - FR