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European Chips Act: Staff Working document

This Staff Working Document aims to explain why Europe needs to act now to address shortcomings in key chip design and manufacturing competences and facilities to ensure its resilience against supply chain disruptions.

European Chips Act

This Staff Working Document also provides additional information concerning the rationale behind the proposed measures in the 3 pillars which are the foundations of the proposal and explains further their implementation. This would not have been possible without providing a panoramic description of the characteristics of the semiconductor value chain, key market and technology trends and opportunities, given the complexity of the technological context and of the semiconductor ecosystem.

The Staff Working Document also intends to elucidate on the ongoing crisis and the pivotal role semiconductors have acquired in the global context. Semiconductors are indeed at the centre of geopolitical interests. Leading economies are keen to secure their supply in the most advanced chips with significant investments, as this increasingly conditions their capacity to act economically, industrially, militarily, being the drivers of the digital transformation.


European Chips Act: Staff Working document (.pdf)

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