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22 Cybersecurity projects selected to receive €10.9 million

Operators of Essential Services (OES), National Cybersecurity Certification Authorities (NCCAs) and National Competent Authorities (NCAs) for cybersecurity are among the selected applicants that will receive €11 million in funding by the Connecting Europe Facility cybersecurity call 2020. The European Union is supporting 22 projects in 18 countries with the aim to develop capabilities of a variety of cybersecurity players in 18 countries.

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National Accreditation Bodies and Conformity Assessment Bodies are receiving support for the first time. 

The beneficiaries will obtain the tools and skills necessary to comply with the requirements set by the NIS Directive and the Cybersecurity Act and will also engage in activities to cooperate effectively at EU level. 

The related grant agreements will be signed by Q3 2021 and the new projects are expected to start before the end of the year.

Some interesting facts about this call:

  • One project will set up an Information Sharing and Analysis Centre (ISAC) in the energy sector
  • Port authorities, a university and entities from sectors such as  health, energy, financial, water supply, air and road transport are receiving funding as Operators of Essential Services (OES)


Proposals selected by objectiveNumber of proposals
Support for Operators of Essential Services (OES), National Competent Authorities and Information Sharing and Analysis12
Support to joint preparedness, shared situational awareness and coordinated response to cybersecurity incidents4
Support to cooperation and capacity building for cybersecurity certification6
Grand Total22


Cybersecurity under CEF Telecom

In total the EU has invested €47.4 million in strengthening cybersecurity through CEF. 
Soon further calls for proposals for cybersecurity will open under the Digital Europe programme.

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