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Media and digital culture

The Commission is defending European media and digital culture with policies that empower citizens and encourage media pluralism.

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The move to digital brought with it new ways to experience the world around us. We can access news whenever and wherever we are and have a huge choice of the sources and platforms we use. New technologies allow us to explore our past and present cultures more easily, touring heritage sites and museums from the comfort of our homes. And, we can all enjoy a range of different movies, TV and radio shows produced in Europe.

Yet, we also have challenges to face in the area of media and digital culture during the Digital Decade. Disinformation spreads faster online than it ever did in the offline world, with damaging consequences. The fight to ensure media freedom and protect journalists is ongoing. And, as the online world brings us closer together, we need to keep hold of our cultural diversity across Europe.

These concerns among others have fueled the EU’s approach to European media and digital culture, driving actions such as:


European Media Freedom Act: Commission launches public consultation

The Commission has published this week an open public consultation on the upcoming European Media Freedom Act, a landmark initiative announced by President von der Leyen in her 2021 State of the Union address to safeguard the pluralism and independence of the media in the EU internal market.

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Audiovisual and Media Services

These days we can watch our favourite programmes not just on TV, but also online. These shows are subject to the rules of the single market.

Supporting media and digital culture

The Commission is promoting a coherent approach on media policies, covering legislation on media services and the preservation of European cultural heritage.

Digital cultural heritage

Cultural heritage is evolving rapidly thanks to digital technologies. The momentum is now to preserve our cultural heritage and bring it to this digital decade.


The European Commission is adapting EU copyright rules to new consumer behaviours in a Europe which values its cultural diversity.

Media freedom and pluralism

The European Union upholds media freedom and pluralism as pillars of modern democracy and enablers of free and open debate.