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Tool on funding opportunities for audiovisual and news media

The aim of the interactive mapping tool is to facilitate access to EU-related financial support mechanisms. It comprises information on funding opportunities for entities from both the audiovisual and the news media sectors. It will help media market players identify and apply for the most appropriate source of EU support among the programmes and instruments available to them.

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Needs & opportunities in the audiovisual and news media sectors

This interactive tool outlines the main EU-related support opportunities for audiovisual and news media sectors, as of July 2021. It covers funding streams beyond the sectoral Creative Europe Programme, such as Horizon Europe, InvestEU and others.

It is the first practical guide for operators from the different sectors in the media value chain on where to find EU support for their activities and needs.

The interactive tool explains the logic of EU programmes. Media and professionals interested in other funding opportunities can find open calls in our dedicated page for the news media sector. Organisations and professionals active in cultural and creative sectors other than audiovisual can use the interactive online tool CulturEU Funding Guide.

How to navigate the guide?

Open the interactive tool

Start by clicking on the node in the centre Who are you? and navigate step by step by pointing out the type of entity and the sector of activity you represent, and the main needs you are trying to get support for.

The guide will highlight the EU funding opportunities relevant to your queries. The final result will be a detailed description of the most relevant instrument you will be able to apply for.

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