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The value of European video games society

The pilot project “Understanding the value of a European Video Games Society” was launched in January 2022. Discover the outcome of the first workshop with key actors and stakeholders from the European video games ecosystem.

30 stakeholders joined the first workshop of the European Video Games Society, an initiative of the European Commission to support and connect the video gaming ecosystem. The project, delivered by consultant companies Ecorys and KEA, will run from December 2021 to February 2023. There are three objectives. Firstly, to inform policy making across the EU on the impact of the video games sector on various EU policy areas. Secondly, to identify ways for the EU to actively support the sector. Thirdly, to connect and foster an active community within the video games ecosystem. The project is structured into two components. The research component includes Market overview and financing, Regulatory environment framework, Education, research, and skills’ needs, Societal and cultural dimensions of video games and Policy recommendations. The community-building component includes 12 workshops from March to December 2022 and continuous exchange with stakeholders. Research methods used are desk research, online survey, interviews, market data, workshops. During the first workshop stakeholders identified the following key topics. 1 Attracting and retaining talent in the EU. 2 Promoting and strengthening education provision for the next generation of developers. 3 Ensuring access to funding in line with the sectors importance. 4 Promoting the uniqueness of the EU games sector. 5 Educating decision makers about the importance of the games sector. 6 Ensuring all stakeholders see the potential of video games beyond them being a ‘game’. 7 Ensure regulation is tailored to the needs of the video games sector. For more information on the project or to join future workshops, please reach out to


EVGS workshop - Summary
EVGS workshop 1 - Visual summary