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Web Accessibility Directive - Monitoring reports

The Web Accessibility Directive requires Member States to report on the results of their monitoring activities every three years. The Member States have published the reports from the first monitoring period on their national websites.

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Member States have to regularly inform the European Commission about the implementation of the Web Accessibility Directive.

Every three years, they must publish a report on the outcome of the monitoring and on the enforcement activities. 

The first such official reports are linked below. This list will be updated as the Commission receives further notifications.

As the reports are written and published by the Member States, the Commission is not responsible for their content or accessibility.

The data and information in the national monitoring reports take precedence over the evaluation report and the supporting study if there are any inconsistencies.

Please note that the reports are in the national language(s) of the Member States. A machine translation(*) into English is provided for ease of reference.

The next series of reports is due in December 2024.

The Member States are listed below in the official protocol order (alphabetical order in Member States' own languages).

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(*) Machine translation is fully automated and involves no human intervention. The European Commission does not guarantee the accuracy and accepts no liability for possible errors. Some content (such as images, etc.) may not be translated due to the technical limitations of the system. 

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(**) The Agreement on the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union provides for a transition period which ended on 31 December 2020. During the transition period, Union law, with a few exceptions, was applicable to and in the United Kingdom.