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Four new members join the European Green Digital Coalition

The Commission welcomed new members to the European Green Digital Coalition during the event Leading the Digital Decade.

The European Green Digital Coalition (EGDC) is a group of ICT companies committed to supporting the green and digital transformation of the EU. The Coalition was formed on Digital Day 2021 by 26 CEOs who came together to sign a declaration supporting concrete actions to ensure the green digitalisation transformation is a positive force in the fight against climate change

On 1 June 2021, four new members joined the EGDC, committing to helping achieve a sustainable digital future. The CEOs who signed the declaration are: 

Google, Matt Brittin, President, EMEA Business and Operations

KPN, Joost Farwerck, CEO

Siemens, Roland Busch, CEO

Uber, Dara Khosrowshahi, CEO 

The four new companies will join the 26 founders to start working on the commitments in the declaration. These include identifying priority sectors for the EGDC, and consolidating existing knowledge in assessing the environmental contributions of digitalisation. They will be supported by a European Parliament Pilot project.

The call for tender for the European Parliament Pilot project that will support the work of the EGDC opened on 28 May 2021. The project will promote the participation of experts from academia and NGOs, representatives of local authorities, and actors from priority sectors such as energy, transport, construction, agriculture and manufacturing. In this context, the tenderer will organise a consultation and coordinate the dissemination across the EU. A high-level event will follow in 2022, including a Green Digital Award ceremony. 

The EGDC will play a crucial role in helping Europe achieve its goals in the European Green Deal as well as the goals for the Digital Decade. In particular, the target on sustainable digital infrastructure and the digital principle on access to digital systems and devices that respect the environment.