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Contact Committee Meetings

The Contact Committee monitors the implementation of the AVMSD and developments in the sector, and is a forum for exchange of views.


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The AVMSD Contact Committee (Article 29) deals not only with the existing audiovisual policy but also with the relevant developments arising in this sector. The Committee provides support with the various reporting obligations pursuant to the AVMSD.

The committee should pay special attention to technical developments in the audiovisual sector.

Chaired by the Commission and composed of representatives of the authorities of the Member States, it may be convened at the request of any of the delegations.

For a list of meeting documents, please see the Register of Commission Expert Groups and Other Similar Entities.

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Previous documents produced by the Contact Committee

The Article 29 of the Audiovisual Media Service Directive:

  1. A contact committee is established under the aegis of the Commission. It shall be composed of representatives of the competent authorities of the Member States. It shall be chaired by a representative of the Commission and meet either on his initiative or at the request of the delegation of a Member State.
  2. The tasks of the contact committee shall be:
    • to facilitate effective implementation of this Directive through regular consultation on any practical problems arising from its application, and particularly from the application of Article 2, as well as on any other matters on which exchanges of views are deemed useful;
    • to deliver own-initiative opinions or opinions requested by the Commission on the application by the Member States of this Directive;
    • to be the forum for an exchange of views on what matters should be dealt with in the reports which Member States must submit pursuant to Article 16(3) and on their methodology;
    • to discuss the outcome of regular consultations which the Commission holds with representatives of broadcasting organisations, producers, consumers, manufacturers, service providers and trade unions and the creative community;
    • to facilitate the exchange of information between the Member States and the Commission on the situation and the development of regulatory activities regarding audiovisual media services, taking account of the Union's audiovisual policy, as well as relevant developments in the technical field;
    • to examine any development arising in the sector on which an exchange of views appears useful.

Latest News

Audiovisual media: Commission calls on Member States to fully transpose EU rules on audiovisual content

The European Commission has sent this week a reasoned opinion to Czechia, Estonia, Ireland, Spain, Croatia, Italy, Cyprus, Slovenia and Slovakia for failing to provide information about the implementation of the EU Audiovisual Media Services Directive (AVMSD) into their national laws. The new rules apply on all audiovisual media, both traditional TV broadcasts and on-demand services, as well as video-sharing platforms. They aim to create a regulatory framework fit for the digital age, leading to a safer, fairer and more diverse audiovisual landscape.

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