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EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum

The EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum facilitates dialogue between decision makers, thought leaders, and the blockchain community.

Fostering dialogue and knowledge

The EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum’s goal is to create a community to discuss and highlight key developments of blockchain technology and strengthen partnerships in Europe and beyond. It is committed to enhancing the understanding of the blockchain technology, its applications and the larger economic ecosystems in which it can play an important role.

The EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum’s mission is, among other things, to: 

  • map key initiatives in Europe and beyond.
  • monitor developments, analyse trends and address emerging issues.
  • serve as a global knowledge hub on blockchain.
  • create an attractive and transparent forum for sharing expert information and opinions.
  • promote European actors while fostering engagement with the global blockchain community.
  • represent a major communication opportunity for Europe to set out its vision and ambition on the international scene.
  • inspire common actions based on specific use-cases.
  • make recommendations on the role the EU could play in accelerating blockchain innovation and adoption.

How to get more information and get involved

The Observatory interacts with the community in a number of different ways, including through workshops, an interactive online blockchain map, working groups, reports and an online forum.

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