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MAVISE database on audiovisual media services updated

With its 2021 update, the MAVISE database now offers a central access point to jurisdiction information related to the Audiovisual Media Services Directive (AVMSD).

The MAVISE database provides information on audiovisual media services active in the 27 EU Member States as well as in 15 other countries. With its latest update, the database includes information on the country of jurisdiction under which those services operate.

The inclusion of information about jurisdiction relates to Articles 2 and Article 28a of the revised AVMSD, which require Member States to establish and update lists of media service providers and video-sharing platforms under their jurisdiction. In addition, the AVMSD requires that such lists are made available in a centralised, public database. The data available in MAVISE are based on the contributions of the respective audiovisual regulatory authorities.

As a central database of audiovisual media services, the MAVISE database supports the application of the AVMSD and the work of the audiovisual regulatory authorities in Europe. 

Consult the database (free of charge)

MAVISE is managed by the European Audiovisual Observatory, in cooperation with the European Commission, and supported under the Creative Europe Programme. The next substantive update of the database is planned for 2022.