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Commission opens calls worth €107 million to strengthen Europe’s cybersecurity

The Commission has launched an invitation to companies, public administrations and other organisations to submit proposals aimed to boost the EU's resilience against cyber threats and its capacity to protect, detect, defend, and deter cyber-attacks, as well as enhance cooperation among Member States.

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The Commission and the European Cybersecurity Competence Centre (ECCC) opened a new call for proposals, worth €71 million in total under the Digital Europe Work Programme 2023-2024, for cybersecurity actions to strengthen operational cooperation and joint capacities with the Member States at EU level.

Of this amount, €35 million will be devoted to setting up the Cybersecurity Emergency Mechanism, which will support Member States’ preparedness and mutual assistance actions in cyber incidents, as also included in the proposed EU Cyber Solidarity Act. To ensure stronger cybersecurity for industry, start-ups and SMEs across the EU, €30 million will support the implementation of the NIS2 Directive and the proposed EU Cyber Resilience Act. Additional support actions of €6 million will foster coordination between civil and defence spheres of cybersecurity, as well as stakeholder engagement in the area of standardisation. The call is open until 26 September 2023 to entities from the EU Member States and EFTA/EEA countries.

At the same time, the previous call was re-opened until 6 July 2023, to create additional opportunities for a remaining total budget of €36,5 million. This covers the topics of Resilience, Coordination and Cybersecurity Ranges (€3,4 million), Capacity Building for Security Operation Centres (€26,3 million) and Uptake of Innovative Cybersecurity Solutions (€6,8 million).

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