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Safer Internet Day 2022: together for a better internet

Tomorrow, 8 February, Safer Internet Day will be celebrated worldwide with the theme “Together for a better internet”.

Logo of the campaign, a graphic showing a smartphone with hands, eyes and mouth holding a globe

Safer Internet Day

Promoted by the EU-funded network of Safer Internet Centres in Member States, the day calls young persons, parents, carers, teachers, policy makers, and representatives of industry or organisation to join the events organised in their country and play a role in creating a better online world, especially for children and young people.

Vice-President, Dubravka Šuica, said:

Children play, create, learn, interact and express themselves in an online and connected environment, from a very young age. Digital technologies allow children to be part of global movements and play the role of active citizens. Therefore, the rights of every child must be respected, protected and fulfilled also in the digital environment.

Commissioner for Internal Market, Thierry Breton, added:

The digital world should be a positive and safe environment for children and young people. Just as we equip our children with basic skills before allowing them to ride their bike in traffic safely, we are collectively equipping them with the skills needed to navigate the online world safely.

To make sure the European Strategy for a Better Internet for Children, adopted in 2012, is fit for the digital age, the European Commission will propose this spring a new strategy to support digital skills, ensure age-appropriate experiences, and boost child participation. The Strategy has influenced national policies in most EU Member States and actions on topics such as fake news, cyberbullying or exposure to harmful content. It reaches thousands of schools and young people but also parents and teachers each year.

Well-equipped classrooms and digitally skilled teachers, as well as a safe digital environment for children are part of the digital rights and principles proposed in January in a declaration that will guide the digital transformation in the EU. The Better Internet for Kids platform, the pan-European resource hub, provides children, their parents and educators with a wealth of information, guidance and resources on better internet issues.