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European semiconductor value chain consultation

The European Commission and Member States is conducting a consultation on the European semiconductor value chain.

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The European Commission, along with the Member States, have launched a consultation on the semiconductor supply chain consisting of two surveys, one for the suppliers and one for the end-users of semiconductors. The surveys were tested with volunteer companies, which confirmed they were fit for purpose and did not pose a risk in terms of business confidential data.

The European Commission will analyse and elaborate the consultation’s results and work with the European Semiconductor Expert Group (ESEG) in order to propose a way forward for the monitoring mechanism that will include identifying potential appropriate early warning indicators to anticipate future shortages in the semiconductor supply chain and prevent semiconductor crises.


Semiconductors are essential to the functioning of our modern economy and society. Over the years, the Union has witnessed unprecedented disruptions in their supply, which have entailed serious delays and negative effects on important economic sectors, including delays to the repair and maintenance of essential products for critical sectors.

The Commission published on 8 February 2022, a Recommendation with immediate effect to enable the rapid and coordinated monitoring of the European semiconductor value chain, focusing on risks that may disrupt, compromise or negatively affect the supply of semiconductors. This monitoring should then prepare and enable the permanent mechanism for monitoring of the semiconductor value chain proposed under the Chips Act (proposal for a Regulation).

In order to properly coordinate Commission and Member States actions (in among others monitoring the value chain), the ESEG has been set up. This group aims to facilitate rapid and effective information exchange on market developments that put Union supplies at risk and enable a coordinated crisis response.

To establish a precise assessment of risks, increase the supply chain transparency and resilience against potential disruptions as well as enable decision-makers to respond to shortages, more data must be shared about production organisation, structure of the value chain, choke points, and needs of companies in the different sectors.

How to participate?

ESEG has already performed a mapping of the European semiconductor supply chain and will invite the suppliers that are included in the mapping to participate in the suppliers survey.

Regardless of the mapping, companies that would like to participate in the suppliers survey can access it via the following link:

I would like to participate in the suppliers survey

Companies that would like to participate to the end-users survey can access it via the following link:

I would like to participate in the end-users survey

Your answers will be uploaded to the EU-survey secure platform, to which only the European Commission has access. The Commission will respect the confidentiality of information and data obtained via these surveys. The Commission will publish the responses to these surveys in an aggregated and anonymised way.