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Shaping Europe’s digital future

Digital skills initiatives

The Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition and other initiatives promote excellence in digital skills across different organisations, areas and countries.

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To meet its goal of ensuring 70% of adults have basic digital skills and to support stakeholders in improving the level of digital skills in Europe, the Commission offers a wide range of initiatives including:

There are many other policy areas that also feed in to the Commission’s work on digital skills. For example, the European strategy for data, the European industrial and small and medium-sized enterprise strategies, Digital Innovation Hubs, and the coordinated plan on artificial intelligence.


Significant investments are needed to tackle the digital skills gap. The instruments put in place at EU level for the budget 2021-2027 provide major opportunities for Member States to support the sustainable development of digital skills. They include:

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Digital skills and jobs

The European Commission is determined to tackle the digital skills gap and promote projects and strategies to improve the level of digital skills in Europe.

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Pledges for action

All organisations, businesses and government bodies are encouraged to make a concrete commitment to carry out actions to reduce the digital skills gap in Europe.

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