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The Governing Board of the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition

The Governing Board of the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition provides leadership and advice to improve the functioning and the impact of the coalition.

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The Governing Board advocates the views of the coalition partners at European level and acts as a link between pledgers, national coalitions and social partners. The 12 members of the Board represent all stakeholder groups in the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition: pledging members, national coalitions and social partners. 

Anja Monrad, Senior Vice President of Dell for Central and Eastern Europe, has been appointed Chair of the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition Governing Board 

The Board met for the first time in September 2017. It met with Commissioner Mariya Gabriel during the Digital Assembly 2018 in Sofia to discuss the action plan to boost the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition. The document was adopted in September 2018. 

Action plan

The action plan outlines the Coalition’s priorities for the coming months. The plan sets out:

  • how to expand current membership to all sectors of the economy, especially small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)
  • how to include all actors and networks that work on the ground with digital skills actions
  • how to ensure that the EU’s future budget includes a focus on the development of digital competences to support the ongoing digital transformation


Governing Board 2017-2020

Anja Monrad, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Dell Technologies, CEE
Alessandro Bogliolo, Professor of Computer Systems, University of Urbino
Cecilia Bonefeld-Dahl, Director General, DIGITAL EUROPE
Cheryl Miller , Founder, Executive Director and Chairman of the Board, Digital Leadership Institute
Damien O’Sullivan, Chief Executive Officer, ICDL Foundation
Ilona Kish, Director,Public Libraries 2020
Mara Jakobsone, Vice-president, LIKTA
Marc Durando, Executive Director, European Schoolnet
Oliver Grün, President, European Digital SME Alliance
Oliver Röthig, Regional Secretary. UNI Europa
Piotr Pluta, Director Corporate Affairs – EMEA & APJC, CISCO
Saskia van Uffelen, Corporate Vice-President Benelux/Digital Champion Belgium, Gfi World

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