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Improving access to finance in the audiovisual sector through MediaInvest

MediaInvest is the European Commission's equity investment instrument that helps to bridge the financial gap in the audiovisual sector by stimulating more investment.

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The new financial tool, announced in the Media and Audiovisual Action Plan, is intended to increase investment into European audiovisual production and distribution companies helping them to preserve their autonomy and increase their capacities. The tool is launched in the wider context of InvestEU, under the area Creative & Cultural Sectors, it has been designed by the European Commission and implemented by the European Investment Fund. Funding is drawn from the Creative Europe MEDIA programme and InvestEU Equity package among others.

Commissioner Breton presented MediaInvest on 20 May 2022, during the European Film Forum at the 75th edition of Cannes Film Festival, followed by discussions on private investments in the sector and the value of IP exploitation.

A new financial instrument to crowd in investors

The European audiovisual sector is characterised by a large number of highly innovative and creative independent production and distribution companies with high growth potential. However they often lack the financial strength to compete at the international level. At the same time, European investors remain largely unaware of the potential of such companies. MediaInvest aims to strengthen the competitiveness of the audiovisual industries across Europe, by supporting investments totaling €400 million between 2022-2027.

The EIF will implement MediaInvest by providing equity investments directly into financial intermediaries (eg. funds) alongside other investors investing in the same risk class and in market terms. While it addresses financial intermediaries, the ultimate beneficiaries will be audiovisual content production companies (incl. films, series, videogames, immersive formats…) and distribution companies such as cinemas, TVs and online streaming services.

Investment readiness and capacity building

MediaInvest will be complemented by investment-readiness support for interested companies that will receive tailor-made guidance adapted to their business strategy in order to attract investors and identify the most promising projects. It will also develop an investment pipeline through capacity- building activities for investors and financial intermediaries – aimed at increasing their knowledge of global production and distribution markets and their associated risks.

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