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Language Data Space Call for Tenders

The Language Data Space: a platform and a marketplace for the collection, creation, sharing and re-use of multilingual and multimodal language data.

Under the DIGITAL Work Programme 2021-2022, a call for tenders has been launched for a ‘Common European Language Data Space (LDS)’. The LDS will give participants the opportunity to monetise their language resources—be it data, tools, services or models—by offering a single platform where they can actively exchange language data in full respect of EU values and compliance with EU rules (e.g., personal data protection, consumer protection legislation and competition law, etc.). This will in turn make the necessary data available, both in terms of quality and quantity, to support the creation and deployment of Large Language Models (LLMs) and other AI-based language technology services for a range of businesses.

The LDS will be part of an interconnected and competitive European data economy, supporting the valorisation and re-use of language resources within the European Data Spaces Ecosystem.

The project’s tasks include:

  1. defining and implementing the governance mechanisms of the LDS;
  2. developing and deploying its reference architecture in compliance with the European Data Spaces Technical Framework and with the help of the Data Spaces Support Centre (DSSC), while also driving standardisation, benchmarking, interoperability and value creation;
  3. promoting the LDS to potential stakeholders’ groups to raise awareness and collect valuable feedback;
  4. co-ordinating and overseeing the LDS over the project lifetime and enhance the progressive use and uptake of the LDS and its derived technology-based services amongst European LDS actors, from both the private and public sector.

Tenderers interested in this call are invited to submit a tender via the electronic submission system (e-Submission) available from the TED e-Tendering website. The deadline for submission is Thursday 22 September 2022 at 16.00 CEST.

Any request for additional information must be made in writing only through TED eTendering website in the ‘Questions & Answers’ tab, by clicking ‘Create a question’ (registration on TED eTendering is required to be able to create and submit a question).