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€16.5 million in support of media technologies, cross-border cooperation and people’s access to information

The European Commission has today launched three calls for proposals, worth a total of €16.5 million, to support pluralistic information, innovative media content and better access to multilingual information for EU citizens.

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A first call worth €8 million focuses on setting up or expanding European Media Hubs, such as virtual or physical cross-border newsrooms. It will support the development of joint editorial production and common content offers on European affairs, in several languages, between different media organisations across Europe, fully respecting editorial independence.

The European Media Platforms call, worth €6 million, will help media organisations increase their reach, and aims to stimulate the production of innovative news content through tools using technologies such as artificial intelligence, web3, blockchain, as well as sophisticated search engines and content recommendation algorithms.

A third project, worth €2.5 million, will contribute to creating a European streaming portal that facilitates people’s access to diverse content provided by public and private broadcasters. It will also use artificial intelligence tools and prepare the ground towards more immersive and shared viewing experiences.

These calls follow up on the Media and Audiovisual Action Plan and the European Democracy Action Plan. They are open to news media organisations and broadcasters, as well as other organisations in the media sector. Further information, including application deadlines, is available under each individual call.

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