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The future of the electronic communications sector and its infrastructure

The Commission has launched an exploratory consultation to gather views on the potential developments of the connectivity sector and its infrastructure.

The aim is to gather views on the changing technological and market landscape and how it may affect the sector for electronic communications. It also touches upon the types of infrastructure and amount of investments that Europe needs to lead the digital transformation in the coming years.

Digital markets and in particular connectivity markets are facing transformative technological and market developments. These include cloud data storage, the transition to edge computing, the usability of the Metaverse, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and more.  Moreover, such developments are not isolated from the challenging geopolitical and the broader economic situation.

Therefore, it is now a good moment to look at the connectivity sector by way of a consultation and gather stakeholders’ views as to where the electronic communications sector stands and where it will and should be in the future.

The exploratory consultation is part of an open dialogue with all stakeholders about the potential need for all players benefitting from the digital transformation to fairly contribute to the required investments. This is a complex issue which requires to thoroughly understand the underlying facts and figures.

The consultation launched today is open to all stakeholders for 12 weeks. Based on the outcome of the consultation, the Commission will consider the most appropriate actions for the future of the electronic communications sector.

All interested companies, organisations or individuals are invited to complete the survey. Answers should be substantiated where appropriate, especially as regards quantitative data information.

Reply to the consultation

Contribute to the survey


You can download the pdf within the EU Survey Tool after clicking on the link above without finalizing your contribution. You can also also download below the pdf version in all three available languages.

Please, be aware that responding to the survey is only possible by filling out your answers in the online questionnaire.

The pdf versions are only for information purposes.


For any further questions, you may contact:



Questionnaire - DE
Questionnaire - EN
Questionnaire - FR

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