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The international context of audiovisual policy

International agreements and constraints in the audiovisual sector play an important role on how the EU and Member States develop audiovisual policy.

Ministers called for a reinforcement of the international dimension in the Cannes declaration on EU audiovisual cooperation of 2008.

The Commission staff working document [SEC(2009) 1033, .pdf] provides a comprehensive overview of this area, notably highlighting the approach underpinning the EU action in this context.

The international aspects of audiovisual policy cover five main areas:

  • EU Enlargement
  • European Neighbourhood Policy
  • trade relations: the World Trade Organisation and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
  • promotion of cultural diversity (UNESCO)
  • cooperation in audiovisual policy

Other multilateral fora


Audiovisual media: Commission calls on Member States to fully transpose EU rules on audiovisual content

The European Commission has sent this week a reasoned opinion to Czechia, Estonia, Ireland, Spain, Croatia, Italy, Cyprus, Slovenia and Slovakia for failing to provide information about the implementation of the EU Audiovisual Media Services Directive (AVMSD) into their national laws. The new rules apply on all audiovisual media, both traditional TV broadcasts and on-demand services, as well as video-sharing platforms. They aim to create a regulatory framework fit for the digital age, leading to a safer, fairer and more diverse audiovisual landscape.

Safer Internet Day 2021: A better internet for children and young people

Last Tuesday, 9 February 2021, was Safer Internet Day. Launched in 2004 and promoted by the EU-funded network of Safer Internet Centres in Member States, the day was celebrated online in more than 170 countries worldwide. The theme "Together for a better internet" is a call for everyone to join in making the internet a safer and better place, especially for children and young people.

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