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From Cloud to Edge to Internet of Things for European Data

This virtual event provided participants with the chance to brainstorm emerging Internet of Things (IoT) concepts, pitch their ideas and exchange knowledge with leading research organisations and innovators from industry.

Business to Government (B2G) data sharing workshop - 5th and final workshop

The 5th (and last) workshop of the B2G data sharing in cities series of workshops aimed to draw conclusions from the series of meetings and put forward recommendations for future activities. The workshop was attended by around 40 participants from cities and communities as well as Commission services, and was moderated by Lodewijk Noordzij from Eurocities.

Alliance to better protect minors online - meeting of 29 June 2021

The members of the Alliance to better protect minors online met online on 29 June 2021. The main objectives of the meeting was to exchange information on recent developments such as the Commission Proposals: on Artificial Intelligence and on a European Digital Identity. A concept for the BIK Youth Pledge Phase 2.0 was also presented.

"EDIH Heatmap" Information and Exchange webinar

This webinar was organized by DIHNET, Vanguard and BOWI on 29 June 2021. EDIH consortia could learn about the EDIH Heatmap, a structure to discuss the strengths and gaps in the consortium and to develop a competence profile.

4th B2G data sharing workshop - A private sector perspective

For years, cities and communities have been raising their voices about the importance of privately held data for their city management; to know where traffic flows are, where tourists come from or what consumer purchasing patterns are in certain parts of town. These data are regularly collected by companies, but for various reasons, are often not shared or not shared in a format useful for policy-making. Research shows that some approaches already exist to tap into such data, but they are often sub-optimal and do not scale up. A series of business-to-government (B2G) workshops are organised to