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The Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI)

The Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI) summarises indicators on Europe’s digital performance and tracks the progress of EU countries.

DESI 2020

Download European Analysis 2020 (.pdf) 

The DESI 2020 reports are based on 2019 data. The United Kingdom is still included in the 2020 DESI, and EU averages are calculated for 28 Member States. The DESI was re-calculated for previous years to reflect the changes in the choice of indicators and corrections made to the underlying data. The scores and rankings may thus have changed compared with previous editions. 

International DESI 2020

The International Digital Economy and Society Index (I-DESI) mirrors and extends the DESI by utilising 24 datasets to enable trend analysis and comparison of the digital performance of 45 countries. The analysis includes the EU27 Member States and 18 non-EU countries that have a global distribution.

Read the full International DESI 2020 final study report

See how the EU member states compare to non-EU countries


Women in Digital (WiD) Scoreboard

The WiD scoreboard is one of the actions put in place to assess women's inclusion in digital jobs, careers and entrepreneurship. The scoreboard assesses Member States' performance in the areas of Internet use, Internet user skills as well as specialist skills and employment based on 12 indicators.

Read the full WiD 2020 study

Review the WiD Data


European Digital Progress Report: review of Member States' progress towards digital priorities

As a key part of the Digital Single Market strategy, the European Commission has published the annual Europe's Digital Progress Report (EDPR), which monitors progress in digital policies in the Member States. The report benchmarks developments in connectivity, digital skills, use of internet by citizens and by business, digital public services, and investment in research, development and innovation in ICT.

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