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Study to support the impact assessment for the revision of the eIDAS regulation

This study supports the European Commission in assessing the impact of different policy options to review the eIDAS Regulation, with the aim of establishing a legislative framework for a convenient, widely usable, secure and interoperable Digital Identity for the Digital Single Market.

The study contributes to the definition of the problem and the justification behind the need for an EU legislative intervention in this field, and provides a comparative analysis of costs and benefits expected for relevant groups of stakeholders affected by the different policy options, namely: public authorities, online service providers, conformity assessment bodies, trust service providers, eID providers and wallet app providers.

Data and evidence have been collected through different methods: an open public consultation, targeted surveys and in-depth interviews involving key stakeholders of the eIDAS ecosystem in the public and private sector. Based on the collected evidence, the study draws conclusions and provides a preferred option for the legislative intervention, which should be considered as a substantial input for the introduction of a EU framework for digital identity.


Study to support the IA for revision eIDAS regulation