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Broadband in EU countries

Find current information on broadband development in each country, as well as national strategies and policies for developing broadband.

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This information includes financial instruments, major projects, as well as links to publications and contact information of responsible authorities and Broadband Competence Offices.

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Find the latest info on national broadband plans and broadband coverage in the EU on the Digital Economy and Society Index - Connectivity page

Check the summary results of the questionnaire on the National Broadband Plans and reaching the 2020 and 2025 broadband targets, that was sent by the COCOM (Communications Committee) to Member States end of 2019.

Latest news

Broadband coverage in Europe 2022

The Broadband Coverage 2022 study monitors the Member States progress towards targets set out in the Digital Decade Policy programme namely: ‘Gigabit connectivity for all by 2030’ and ‘at least 5G in all populated areas.’

Apply for the European Broadband Awards 2023

The European Broadband Awards 2023 highlight projects leading us into the Europe digital decade. The projects providing access to gigabit connectivity and 5G services have the last chance to apply for the Awards by 15 September.

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The European Commission is supporting EU businesses, project managers and authorities in increasing network coverage to reach the EU’s Gigabit Society goals.

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