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112: new measures to improve effective access to emergency communications

The Commission has adopted new measures to improve emergency communications in support of efficient and quick responses to emergencies via the single, EU emergency number, 112.

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A new delegated regulation, adopted today, establishes measures to improve caller location information, access for end-users with disabilities and routing emergency communications to the most appropriate public safety answering points. The aim is to take account of the latest technological developments and ensure consistent application in emergency communications in order to ensure that the safety and security of citizens is safeguarded across the EU. It also requires Member States to cooperate with the Commission to identify common interoperability requirements for emergency communication apps. The delegated regulation acknowledges the migration to all IP (internet protocol) networks and requires Member States to provide their roadmap for upgrading the national systems in order to be able to receive, answer and process emergency communications through packet-switched technology.

Thierry Breton, Commissioner for Internal Market, said:

We need emergency communications to be reliable, quick, efficient and available for everyone across the EU. We call on all Member States to improve and ensure the continuity of access to emergency services, including when using the EU's single emergency number 112. It is essential in the context of migration to all IP networks.

Technological developments have made it possible for end-users to access emergency services through a wider range of interpersonal communications services. Communications based on Internet protocol (voice, text and video communications) will allow for the provision of emergency communications and relevant contextual information making them more efficient. Member States have to report to the Commission and provide updates on the obligations that it establishes.
The delegated regulation will be transmitted to the European Parliament and the Council for examination.

The Commission closely monitors the implementation of the 112 emergency number in the EU through regular reports given its importance in saving lives. The latest report shows that more than half of all total 270 million emergency calls placed in the EU are made through the EU single emergency number, 112.


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