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Joint Statement by EU and Ukrainian operators to help refugees from Ukraine stay connected

The EU facilitated the coordination between European and Ukrainian operators which will stabilise their efforts to provide affordable or free roaming and international calls between the EU and Ukraine.

With the support of the Commission and the European Parliament, the EU and Ukrainian operators signed a joint statement to ensure they can sustain their voluntary measures and apply them as widely as possible throughout Europe. The joint statement establishes a stable framework to help people fleeing the war in Ukraine stay in touch with family and friends back home and have access to information.

This Joint Statement remains open for all operators willing to sign at any time in solidarity with refugees from Ukraine. Note that a physical signature is not required, but a company that wants to join should send an email, indicating willingness to sign the Joint Statement and attach a company logo to:

Find below the Joint Statement signed by EU and Ukrainian operators on connectivity in support of refugees from Ukraine


Joint Statement EU UA operators on connectivity in support of refugees from Ukraine

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