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eGovernment Benchmark 2023

The eGovernment Benchmark monitors Europe’s digitalisation of public services. This report shows the digital transformation of governments in 2021 and 2022.

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The eGovernment Benchmark sheds light on eGovernment in the 27 European Union Member States but also in Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, Albania, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia and Türkiye.

This study evaluates online public services on four dimensions, which consist of 14 underlying indicators, broken down into 48 survey questions. 

The four dimensions can be described by the following key questions:

  • User Centricity – To what extent are services provided online? How mobile friendly are they? And what online support and feedback mechanisms are in place?
  • Transparency – Are public administrations providing clear, openly communicated information about how their services are delivered? Are they transparent about policy making and digital service design processes, as well as about the way people’s personal data is being processed?
  • Key Enablers – What technological enablers are in place for the delivery of eGovernment services?
  • Cross-Border Services – How easily are citizens from abroad able to access and use the online services? And what online support and feedback mechanisms are in place for cross-border users?


1. eGovernment Benchmark 2023 - Insight Report
2. eGovernment Benchmark 2023 - Backround Report
3. eGovernment Benchmark 2023 - Executive Summary (EN)
4. eGovernment Benchmark 2023 - Executive Summary (FR)
5. eGovernment Benchmark 2023 - Factsheets
6. eGovernment Benchmark 2023 - Final Results
7. eGovernment Benchmark 2023 - Non-scored Indicators
8. eGovernment Benchmark 2023 - Machine readable format
9. eGovernment Benchmark 2023 - Method Paper (2020-2023)

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