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Broadband in Poland

Poland’s national broadband plan 2025 is in line with the EU’s Gigabit Society targets.

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Summary of broadband development in Poland

Poland’s national broadband plan reflects the Gigabit Society targets: universal coverage by 100 Mbps (upgradable to gigabit), Gigabit connectivity for socio-economic drivers and 5G connectivity along major corridors and urban centres. The Operational Programme Digital Poland 2014-2020 provides funding for investments in digitally excluded areas. A multi-stakeholder Agreement for the Strategy 5G for Poland has been formed to respond to challenges, identify and implement measures aiming at coverage by 5G networks.

National broadband strategy and policy

Responsible authorities

  • The Department of Telecommunications of the Ministry of Digital Affairs (Ministerstwo Cyfryzacji), a policy maker, supports the development of telecommunication networks and services, coordinates the construction of broadband networks and co-operates with international telecommunication organisations.
  • Digital Poland Project Centre (Centrum Projektów Polska Cyfrowa) is responsible for spending structural funds, i.e. organising calls for proposals under the Operational Programme Digital Poland (Program Operacyjny Polska Cyfrowa 2014-2020, POPC) funding broadband network development.
  • The Ministry of Funds and Regional Policy is responsible for implementation of European Funds and regional development. The Department for Digital Development (Departament Rozwoju Cyfrowego) deals with digitisation and e-government.
  • The Office of Electronic Communications (Urząd Komunikacji Elektronicznej, UKE) is the national regulatory authority for the market of telecommunications and postal services.

Main aims for broadband development

Poland’s national broadband plan was adopted in 2014 and updated in 2020. The plan aims to achieve:

  • universal access to 100 Mbps, with the possibility to upgrade to gigabit speed,
  • at least 1 Gbps for all socio-economic drivers, e.g. schools, transport hubs, major public service locations and companies with intensive Internet activity, as well as
  • 5G connectivity on all major communication routes and in major urban centres. The national broadband plan mainly focuses on promoting broadband investments and expansion through initiating regulatory, legal and financial measures.

Poland has adopted a programme for Nationwide Education Network (Ogólnopolska Sieć Edukacyjna), which aims at providing all schools in Poland (about 19,500 locations) with free of charge access of at least 100 Mbps, along with advanced cybersecurity measures and educational e-resources and e-tools.

Poland has also established an Agreement for the Strategy 5G for Poland as a multi-stakeholder platform, gathering entities from central and local governments, telecom operators, research institutions, technical universities and tech suppliers, working in different thematic teams for the development of 5G networks in Poland.

Main measures for broadband development

  • The Office of Electronic Communications (UKE) offers models of building broadband networks for local governments, providing direct services and making infrastructure accessible for new providers. In addition, it aims at reducing administrative burdens for telecommunication operators and public authorities. The UKE supports the development of broadband networks, i.e. by providing access to properties and buildings, while assuring as much infrastructure sharing as possible between telecom operators.
  • The Office of Electronic Communications’ annual infrastructure inventory and the Ministry of Digital Affairs’ open public consultations help identify the areas (down to individual addresses) with no NGA access on a commercial basis within the next 3 years.

National and regional broadband financial instruments

  • Under the financial perspective 2014-2020, the dedicated Operational Programme (OP) Polska Cyfrowa (Digital Poland) includes funding for broadband. The programme is funded through the EU cohesion funds and is used to provide support to projects implemented in areas where NGA networks do not exist and are unlikely to be established on a commercial basis in the next 3 years. The overall budget for the OP Digital Poland is €2.57 billion, of which more than €1 billion is dedicated to broadband. Polish authorities plan to continue the ‘Digital Poland’ Operational Programme in the period 2021-2027.
  • Under the thematic objective Universal access to high-speed Internet, more than 1.3 million households and almost 10,000 schools will be provided with Next Generation Access (NGA).
  • Access to services related to the Nationwide Education Network is financed by state budget (approximately €310 million by 2027). The implementation phase (2018-2020) is also co-financed by the OP Digital Poland.
  • The Broadband Fund, which began its operation at the end of 2020, will also support investments in the deployment of NGA networks. The Fund is financed through charges borne by telecommunications firms for numbering resources, rights to use radio spectrum, etc.
  • In its Roadmap implementing the Common Union Toolbox for Connectivity, Poland identifies as desirable a range of reforms concerning e.g. digitisation of permit-granting procedures, issuing guidelines on access to physical infrastructure, and further strengthening the Single Information Point.

Data on broadband development and technologies in Poland

For the latest data on broadband coverage, subscriptions and penetrations, coverage of different broadband technologies and costs, check the scoreboard reports and the country reports of the Digital Economy & Society Index (DESI).

Spectrum assignments for wireless broadband

For details on harmonised spectrum assignments consult the European 5G Observatory.

National and EU publications and press documents



Contact information

BCO Poland (national Broadband Competence Office): Ministry of Digital Affairs (Ministerstwo Cyfryzacji)

Address: ul. Królewska 27, 00-060 Warszawa, Poland
Contact via email
Phone: + 48 222455788

Department of Telecommunications of the Ministry of Digital Affairs (Ministerstwo Cyfryzacji)

Address: ul. Królewska 27, 00-060 Warszawa, Poland
Contact via email
Phone: + 48 22 245 59 18

Digital Poland Project Centre (Centrum Projektów Polska Cyfrowa)

Address: ul. Spokojna 13a, 01-044 Warszawa, Poland
Contact via email
Phone: + 48 22 315 22 00

Office of Electronic Communications (Urząd Komunikacji Elektronicznej)

Address: ul. Giełdowa 7/9, 01-211 Warszawa, Poland
Contact via email
Phone: + 48 22 33 04 000

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Sweden’s national broadband plan, adopted in 2016, has the vision of an entirely connected Sweden and has goals for both mobile coverage and for high-speed broadband connections for households and businesses.

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Tá an nascacht dhigiteach agus feidhmiú céimneach 5G i measc na ndeich dtosaíocht straitéiseacha atá i gClár Oibre Digiteach 2025 na Spáinne.

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Tá plean leathanbhanda na Rómáine dírithe ar líonra leathanbhanda náisiúnta a fhorbairt mar chéad chéim i dtreo spriocanna nascachta an Aontais a bhaint amach.

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Ba cheart go mbeadh an deis ag gach teaghlach san Ísiltír rochtain a fháil ar líonraí leathanbhanda 100 Mbps ar a laghad agus ba cheart do thromlach mór leas a bhaint as 1 Gbps faoi 2023.

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Malta’s broadband policy is technology-neutral and favours a competitive market environment.

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Ar cheann de na tosaíochtaí i gclár rialtais Lucsamburg is ea bonneagar cumarsáide a fhorbairt a mbeidh sé mar sprioc aige rochtain ar leathanbhanda ghigighiotáin a fháil ar fud na tíre.

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Is é is aidhm do Straitéis na hIodáile maidir le Ultra Leathanbhanda I dTreo na Sochaí Gigighiotáin nascacht ghigighiotáin a chur ar fáil do chách faoi 2026.

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Is é is aidhm don dréacht-Straitéis Náisiúnta Digitithe 2021-2030 ón Ungáir sprioc 95 % de theaghlaigh atá cumhdaithe ag líonraí gigighiotáin a bhaint amach faoi 2030.

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I mBíobla um Chlaochlú Digiteach na Gréige 2020-2025, leagtar béim ar an nascacht mar cheann de na cúig ais straitéiseacha agus aithnítear spriocanna na Sochaí Gigighiotáin 2025.

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Le comhaontú comhrialtais 2021, an Straitéis Dhigiteach agus Straitéis Ghigighiotáin 2022 de chuid Rialtas Cónaidhme na Gearmáine, tugtar tús áite do sholáthar náisiúnta líonraí FTTH agus 5G.

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Leagtar síos sprioc sa chlár leathanbhanda náisiúnta France Très Haut Débit go mbeidh rochtain thapa ar leathanbhanda ag gach teaghlach faoi 2022 agus snáithín do chách faoi 2025.

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Tá údaráis na Fionlainne i bhfabhar leathadh amach líonra atá bunaithe ar iomaíocht agus atá snáithínbhunaithe agus a fhaigheann cúnamh ó chistí poiblí do limistéir nach ndéantar freastal ceart orthu agus comhairle do bhardais áitiúla maidir le conas líonraí leathanbhanda a chur...

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Estonia has established basic broadband coverage throughout the country. The Estonian Digital Agenda sets ambitious targets for 2030.

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Leagtar amach cuspóirí straitéiseacha le haghaidh 2021-2025 i bplean leathanbhanda na Cipire agus áirítear ann idirghabhálacha reachtacha agus rialála chomh maith le tacaíocht phraiticiúil chun bonneagar leathanbhanda a fhorbairt.

Leathanbhanda sa Chróit

Freagraíonn Plean Náisiúnta na Cróite d’Fhorbairt Leathanbhanda 2021–2027 do chuspóirí na Sochaí Gigighiotáin Eorpaí 2025 agus go páirteach do spriocanna digiteacha 2030.

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Rinneadh an Plean Náisiúnta Bonneagair Leathanbhanda le haghaidh Rochtain ar an gCéad Ghlúin Eile “Connected Bulgaria” agus an Beartas maidir le cumarsáid leictreonach a nuashonrú agus a ghlacadh i mí Lúnasa 2020.

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Tá straitéis leathanbhanda na Beilge ionchorpraithe i straitéis beartais níos leithne Digital Belgium. Is é is aidhm don phlean náisiúnta do leathanbhanda fosaithe agus móibíleach deireadh a chur leis na limistéir bhána atá fágtha nuair nach bhfuil fáil ar sheirbhísí ardluais...

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Tá straitéis leathanbhanda na hOstaire dírithe ar an soláthar náisiúnta de naisc ghigighiotáin (fosaithe agus móibíleacha) faoi 2030.